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New Opto-Mechanics Catalogue for 2013

A new Elliot Scientific Opto-Mechanics Catalogue has been released for 2013. With more than 450 pages, the comprehensive 14Mb PDF is downloadable from links on the Elliot Scientific website or can be read online at Issuu. The catalogue includes details and drawings of all our Mounts, Flexures, Stages, and Slides,  plus information on accessories, hardware for optical tables, custom designs and specialist systems.

Also released are four updated ‘mini-catalogues’ extracted from the main publication that detail the XYZ Flexure Stages, Miniature Positioners, Fibre Launch Systems and Lab Essentials ranges. These can also be downloaded from their relevant pages by clicking on the links above, or from various pages dotted around our website or read online at Issuu along with our other publications.

And if you missed any of our e-newsletters last year, we have compiled them into a handy annual (with built-in web links) that you can also download or read online at Issuu.

Alternatively, contact us and we can email you the PDF of choice.

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