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Seven Nanopositioning Elements from Mad City Labs

Elliot Scientific has expanded its coverage of Mad City Labs equipment available through the company by adding a dedicated webpage for the Nano-F series of focusing elements. The new page details Mad City Labs’ offerings for microscopists involved in 4Pi microscopy, STORM, PALM, confocal and fluorescence imaging, super resolution (SR) microscopy, high speed Z stack imaging and other applications requiring high speed focus adjustment:

  • Nano-F Series – Objective lens focusing elements with 100 µm or 200 µm of travel
  • Nano-F25HS – A high speed nanopositioner focusing element with 25 µm travel
  • Nano-F3D  – An objective lens nanopositioner with 3-axis (XYZ) motion up to 100 µm per axis
  • Nano-F450  – The longest travel range piezo focusing element available for research microscopy with 450 µm travel

These elements can be used as stand-alone systems, or in conjunction with other Mad City Labs nanopositioning stages, and feature quick mount threaded adapters for RMS and metric lens threads.

In addition, we have also added the following nanopositioning stages to existing pages within the dedicated Mad City Labs section of their website:

  • Nano-MTA Series – A range of mirror tip/tilt actuators for rapid scanning of laser beams with sub-microradian resolution
  • Nano-OPH Series – A large central aperture nanopositioning stage with ranges of motion from 30 up to 100 µm
  • Nano-SPM200 – A compact nanopositioning system with 200 µm travel

For more information on these and the other piezo-driven stages Mad City Labs offer, please contact us or download the Mad City Labs 2012 Catalogue here.

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