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Oxford Lasers’ Micromachiner Makes Light… Work!

Containing many features found only in larger systems, the Oxford Lasers’ Alpha is an extremely capable micromachining system for metals, ceramics or polymers that fits onto a tabletop-sized workbench. It is suitable for R&D and small scale production of parts up to 200 mm in diameter.

The system’s Cimita control software brings vision, motion and laser control together into a single, simple interface making Alpha easy to use. Initial choice of laser, scanners, stages and trepanning heads required for the work that you want to carry out is best determined in conjunction with our knowledgable experts — so you know your system will work straight out of the box. Applications include:Oxford Lasers' Alpha Micromachining System

  • Process development
  • Small-scale production
  • Sample preparation
  • Diamond milling
  • Foil cutting
  • University Labs

For more information on this versatile system, please contact us.

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