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AKELA Laser Corporation introduces new Configurable Modules plus powerful Red, NIR, and IR Diodes

AKELA Laser Corporation has released single and multi-channel laser diode modules in wavelengths from 635 to 1950 nm, part of a phased introduction of a new range for 2013.

The laser diode modules, designed for 0.22 na 100, 200 and 400 micron fibres – or free space use – and providing up to 25 Watts CW power, are ideal for research and development.

Equipped with integrated cooling and drive electronics for plug-and-play use, the modules are available in the following configurations: single channel; multi-channel with independently addressable outputs; and multiple outputs controlled by a single driver.

Configurable Laser Module

This new unit from AKELA is the most versatile and configurable diode laser module on the market today. With its individually addressable emitters, the module can operate at up to five wavelengths from one fibre, making it convenient for use in R&D settings. It fits standard high-power thermoelectric  systems, making integration easier, and meets stringent industrial and medical requirements.

Further development of these new modules will offer increasingly higher power levels as well as built-in accessories such as photodetectors, aiming beams, blast shields, and fibre sensors.

For more information please visit our Akela Laser pages or contact us for specifications and pricing.

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