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IPL & Laser Products for the Aesthetics’ Sector

Elliot Scientific offers a broad range of eyewear products from trusted manufacturer Honeywell-Sperian that ensure comprehensive protection for your patients, clients and staff during a wide variety of facial and cosmetic procedures that involve lasers, IPL, or LED systems.

In many cases they replace the need for intraocular shields while at the same time offering unobstructed access for treatment of the nose bridge, temples and all other areas near the eye.


We stock a range of disposable eye patches for use with lasers, IPL, LEDs, low level laser therapy treatments and microdermabrasion.

Thanks to these innovative products, cleaning and disinfecting patient and client eyewear is a thing of the past!

They are simple and quick to use, latex free and hypoallergenic. They remain securely in place during the procedure, yet are easy and painless to remove. These eye shields enable full access to temples, eyebrows and nose bridge and are designed to protect most orbital sizes.

•  More information on the disposable eyewear can be found here


I-Block II is an ultra-lightweight laser resistant shield covering the orbital area. SpectraShield is an inexpensive opaque lightweight alloy providing DIN EN 207 certified protection from 400 to 11,000 nm. SpectraView incorporates filters that enable the client to see during the procedure resulting in extra comfort. These re-usable products are easy to clean.

•  More information on the re-usable products can be found here

For the operator

We also offer a range of products suited to the needs of the operator and the assistant. From simple IPL shades and stylish laser safety eyewear, to the advanced electronic IPL Lightspeed II that offers active protection.

All products are CE-certified and ANSI approved. Please contact us if you require technical or pricing details.

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