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Up to 20W CW from new AKELA Laser Diode Modules

AKELA Laser Corporation has announced the release of the first of a series of laser modules and other products based on AKELA’s market-leading long wavelength laser diodes from 1030 to 1950 nm. These entry-level modules, which are aimed at volume applications, are designed for both 200 micron and 400 micron 0.22NA fibers, and provide up to 20 Watts CW. Future releases of laser modules will include increasingly higher power levels as well as modules with built-in accessories such as photodetectors, aiming beams, blast shields, and fiber sensors.

AKELA’s high efficiency modules operate at low drive currents and are not subject to catastrophic failure. Offering a built-in thermistor and an SMA output so that the customer can use the fiber brand of his choice and replace the fibers at will, these modules provide unmatched value and also help customers lower their overall system costs by enabling them to use less expensive drive electronics, power supplies and cooling methods.

AKELA’s line of long wavelength high power laser diodes sets the standard in the industry. No other company provides the high powers or the wide range of wavelengths. These products are ideal for military and other eye safe applications, dermatology applications such as body shaping, cellulite removal, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal or any other application dependent upon water or fat absorption peaks. In addition, these devices can be used as replacements for standard wavelengths pumping holmium or thulium fiber lasers.

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