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Stabilised Free Space Lasers and Fibre Collimators from Micro Laser Systems

Recent product additions from Micro Laser Systems have resulted in expanded and revised product pages on our website. Five new wavelengths for the OEM range of Lepton IV free space lasers and the introduction of wavelength stabilised versions of some of  these high performance modules ensure that this manufacturer is constantly ensuring its products are ready for existing and new applications in a variety of fields.

Over 30 different wavelengths are available for use in diverse fields such as microscopy, spectroscopy, material characterisation and analysis, scanners and sensors, correlators, interferometers, microlithography, reprographics, flow cytometry, ophthalmology, dermatology, atomic clocks, laser pumps and telecoms. These high performance lasers have circular Gaussian beams from 1 to 6 mm diameter, with diffraction-limited performance and single transverse and longitudinal modes. Wavelengths range from 375 to 1600 nm, and powers up to 150 mW are available.

In addition, fibre collimators have been promoted from accessory to now having their own page to reflect their increasing importance in our Micro Laser System product line-up.  The FC Series of collimators are designed specifically for singlemode fibre, polarisation maintaining fibre and fibre laser applications that can generate a pure Gaussian beam. Aperture sizes from 5 to 45 mm are available with a very clean output and no diffraction patterns or beam distortions. The output stays Gaussian no matter the distance and the adjustable output is ideal for tuning the desired wavelength to the best collimation.

Three wavelength regions cover from 375 to 2000 nm for use with Ar, YAG, Ti-Sapphire, HeNe, DPSS, and any commercially available fibre coupled diode laser.

 Contact us for more details.

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