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MEMS Optical Switches released for EXFO IQS-600

MEMS Switch from EXFO

IQS-600EXFO has added IQS-9100B MEMS Optical Switch test modules to its IQS-600 platform, the only modular system providing optical, transport and datacom testing in a single environment. The IQS-9100B switch modules provide highly accurate and repeatable fibre-to-fibre switching for single mode 1 x N configurations up to 1 x 32.

Key Features

  • Available for single mode fibre in 1xN configuration up to 32 ports
  • Switching time faster than 30 msec
  • Life expectancy of 109 cycles
  • Insertion loss between 0.9 and 2.0 dB
  • -50 dB back reflection

The MEMS-Based Design of the EXFO IQS-9100B delivers durable performance in a compact package. Fast switching time and a 1-billion-cycle lifetime expectancy make it the perfect optical switch for demanding manufacturing applications.

The IQS-600 Platform provides a flexible approach to optical, transport and datacom test and measurement for manufacturing, automation, optical qualification and R&D. It combines powerful features and control capabilities for up to 100 different modules. The IQS-9100B can easily be controlled remotely via the standard LAN or optional GPIB interfaces available on the IQS-600 using SCPI commands, LabVIEW drivers or any other automation software

For more information about this and other test equipment from EXFO, please contact us.

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