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For Portable Thermometry, Nomad Leads The Way

Offering a 500 °C measuring range with ±0.5 °C accuracy – from -200 to +300 °C (or °F equivalent) –  the Neoptix Nomad™ Fiber Optic Portable Thermometer offers impressive versatility. Easily seen readings on the large backlit LCD display are complemented by an icon-based menu system that gives access to all functions, including setup and configuration, data logging onto the SD memory card and Expert mode. Datalogging sessions can also be viewed directly on the display, while the single button SnapLog feature allows recording of a temperature measurement with a time and date stamp.Neoptix Nomad Portable Fiber Optic Thermometer

Key features

♦  -200 to +300 °C  ♦ ±0.5 °C accuracy  ♦ SD card

♦ No calibration needed ♦ Uses AA cells  ♦ RS-232

For pricing information, please contact us.

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