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Star performances from Astral laser measurement system

Astral S Series Calorimeters from ScientechThe Scientech line of robust laser calorimeter measurement systems from Elliot Scientific utilise intelligent detector technology and a hand-held meter with USB interface and LCD display. On some models, a precision analogue meter needle movement is simulated to make laser tuning even easier.

The Astral Series detectors are available as either surface absorbing – for CW lasers – or volume absorbing – for pulsed lasers – and feature apertures from 8 to 200 mm. The larger aperture models can measure up to 1 kJ of single pulse energy. Each detector system comes with a calibration certificate and a variety of accessories.

Options include electric substitution heater coils for field calibration, carrying cases, fibre optic adaptors, bases and an isoperibol enclosure for 25 mm aperture models when measuring below 30 mW.

Astral is also available as a CW, low power photodiode laser detector system for measurements from 10 nW to 1 W depending on model and options.

For information and pricing of this and other Scientech products Elliot Scientific offer, please contact us.

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