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CRAIC Elixir™ Offers Multiple Forensic Analytical Techniques Within A Single Microscope

CRAIC Technologies Elixir

The smart solution for the accurate and rapid analysis of trace evidence is now available from Elliot Scientific Ltd. CRAIC Technologies new Elixir™ microscope offers multiple analytical techniques in a single instrument for the forensic scientist.

For the first time, forensic scientists can conduct microspectroscopy, high-resolution imaging, Raman microspectroscopy and glass refractometry with one, easy-to-use tool. For accurate and rapid analysis of trace evidence – from glass and paints to fibres and documents, nothing comes close to the cost effective, multi-functional CRAIC Elixir™.

The CRAIC Elixir™ solution integrates an advanced spectrophotometer with an optical microscope and powerful yet easy-to-use software. This enables the forensic scientist to quickly analyse all manner of microscopic samples of trace evidence using high-sensitivity multiple analytical techniques.

Elliot Scientific is proud to say that the CRAIC Elixir™ is more than just a scientific instrument…it’s the smart solution to the forensic challenges faced by law enforcement in the UK and Ireland.

For more information on this exciting new product and others in our lifescience ranges, please contact us.

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