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High specification colorPol® polarizers are more versatile than polymer filters

Polarizers are used in a wide range of diverse optical devices to pass or stop polarized light, to modulate or reduce brightness, diminish noise and lots more.  CODIXX colorPol® polarizers from Elliot Scientific are based on dichroic glass and feature a high contrast ratio and a high transmittance.

Standard colorPol® polarizers are available for the UV wavelength range (340 – 415 nm) and for the VIS and NIR range (450 – 5,000 nm). We can also supply for the IR range (1,200 – 3,000 nm) as there are special versions of high transmittance (HT) polarizers with a transmission up to 98%.

CODIXX colorPol® polarizerscolorPol® polarizers

  • are flat like foil polarizers
  • can be processed like glass or silicon wafers
  • are resistant against UV radiation and chemicals
  • have large acceptance angles
  • are resistant against temperatures up to +400 °C

For more information on these versatile polarizers, please contact us.

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