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Firefly-IR Scanner from M Squared Lasers goes live at LWoP

A new portable, tripod-mounted Firefly-IR with integrated real-time infrared imaging scanner — the Firefly-IR-SC — will be launched by M Squared Lasers at Laser World of Photonics next week.

Firefly IR ScannerThe system is designed to bring a new and unique blend of performance capabilities to a variety of remote sensing and remote imaging applications such as:

  • Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detection
  • Atmospheric pollutant monitoring
  • Hazardous/fugitive gas emission tracking [Video]

The system is based on M Squared Lasers’ Firefly-IR widely tunable, high repetition rate pulsed MWIR/NIR laser source. With class-leading peak and average power and wavelength coverage, it enables users to probe a wider range of molecules with a single instrument, and to image in real time and at improved standoff detection distances and/or to achieve higher signal to noise.

The unit is supplied ready to use straight out of the box. M Squared is also keen to work with Elliot Scientific customers in the UK and Nordic countries to help tailor and optimise the Firefly-IR-SC’s highly flexible system modules (laser, scanner and software) for their particular remote sensing application. Extending the system to LWIR and narrower linewidths, for example, is already under development.

For more information, please contact us.

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