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Datasheet update…

The latest PDF datasheets for laser diodes from Akela Laser Corporation and the range of high-performance infrared fibre optics from IRphotonics are now available.

AKELA are noted for:

• Laser Diodes & Diode Bars
• Single Emitters & Arrays
• Standard & Custom Packages

AKELA designs and manufactures high-power laser diodes for the medical, industrial and military sectors and has been the market leader in the wavelength region from 1208 to 2000 nm, achieving powers roughly 2~3 times that of its competition. In other wavelengths, AKELA is on par with the market leaders.

IRphotonics offers the iGuide™ range of :

• Single- & Multi-mode Infrared Fibres
• Doped & Indium Fluoride Mid-IR Fibres
• High Power Mid-IR Fibres & UV-IR Glasses

iGuide™ is a product family of advanced infrared fibre optics and materials from IRphotonics designed for use in industrial, medical, telecom, defence and aerospace applications. Based on a ground-breaking process allowing the production of infrared glass and optical fibre with exceptional properties in the 300 to 5500 nm optical window, iGuide™ can also transmit light from UV to the mid-infrared allowing for a wide range of multi-spectral applications.

For more information on any of these products, please contact us.

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