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Countdown to Biophysical 55: Baltimore


The Elliot Scientific Booth at 2010's Biophysical 54

Elliot Scientific can be found in Booth 740 at Biophysical 55

Ten days to go…

Our E4500 CPT-enabled laser tweezer system and microscope – the only commercial optical trapping system with leading-edge camera particle tracking capabilities – along with a display of our world-renowned micro-positioning slides and flexure stages for opto-mechanics, have been despatched to the USA. Our team, consisting of David Welsh (Managing Director) and Colin Freeland (Elliot|Martock Product Manager) will follow next week.

Over 140 companies are exhibiting at Biophysical 55, and some of the most advanced laboratory equipment, supplies, computer software and other products will be on show in the Baltimore Convention Centre (MD) from Sunday, March 6th, till Tuesday, March 8th from 10am to 5pm.

Elliot Scientific is in Booth 740. We look forward to meeting you there.

For more information about the E4500 CPT-enabled laser tweezer system, contact us now.

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