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CPT Equipped Tweezer Passes Final Tests


Elliot Scientific E4500 CPT Tweezer System under test

Elliot Scientific E4500 CPT Tweezer System Under Test: Richard Bowman, from the University of Glasgow, and Elliot Scientific's Tweezer Product Manager Colin Freedland put the E4500 CPT Optical Trapping System through its paces.

The Elliot Scientific E4500 Camera Particle Tracking (CPT) Laser Tweezer demonstrator has passed its final testing phase and will be shown at the forthcoming Biophysical 55 exhibition and confrence in Baltimore on March 7th.

Optical trapping has found many applications in the Sciences. The miniscule forces that light exerts on micron-size particles have empowered scientists, particularly those in biomedicine, enabling them to perform important studies on single molecules, cells and colloids without inflicting damage.

CPT technology enables the collection of data from multiple particles at a higher rate. This allows for:

  • Convenient trap calibration by thermal analysis
  • Improved trap stiffness measurements
  • Multiple particle tracking within microfluidic channels
  • Viscosity measurements at several points simultaneously

In December 2010, following selection by the University of Glasgow, Elliot Scientific was the first company to benefit from the University’s Easy Access IP initiative, a scheme designed to freely transfer some of the University’s technical, scientific and medical intellectual property to research and industry for the benefit of all.

For more information about this new advance in the field of optical trapping, contact us now.

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