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Eblana adds to Discrete Mode Laser Diode range…

Eblana Photonics has launched several new laser diodes that build on Discrete Mode technology for improved wavelength performance. In addition, the original 1550 nm butterfly laser diode range Elliot Scientific offered has also been supplemented with a 100 kHz linewidth model. The new line up is:

  • Narrow Linewidth Laser – Under 100 kHz at 1550 nm
  • Dual Mode Laser – Simultaneous emission at two different wavelengths
  • Single Wavelength Lasers – 690, 780 and 3350 nm
  • High Power Single Transverse Mode Laser – Up to 100 mW power output at 1550nm

For more information on these products, visit the Eblana Photonics Page, telephone +44(0)1582 766300 or email us.

One response

  1. Efren Brletich

    Laser diodes are one of the best inventions ever, they are really compact.


    December 23, 2012 at 00:58

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